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Swan School builds strong learners in an environment of academic excellence aligned with creativity and personal expression. We develop wise and compassionate leaders as an investment in everyone’s future.

Enjoy Your Summer

I love it when science supports the things I love. For instance, there are times, especially in the summer when I enjoy just “doing nothing” – sitting in the back yard listening to the birds sing, riding my scooter to no place in particular, throwing a Frisbee back and forth with a friend – all in the category of what my friends and I used to call “goofing off.”
Lea Waters wrote an article published in The Atlantic titled, “How Goofing Off Helps Kids Learn.” The title got my attention and while reading it I happily discovered how well it fits with Swan School’s child-centric focus, its structure of many well-timed recesses and breaks within the school day, and even our balanced calendar which provides many between-term breaks throughout the year. I’ve linked the article in case you would like to take a break from “goofing off” and focus on reading a little research-based science

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