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Marcy Stewart

The Explorers!

Grades K-1

Marcy Stewart, Teacher

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Moving up to Kindergarten from Preschool is a big, exciting leap for most young students, and the Explorers class is geared to be a comfortable transition for those who are enthusiastic about moving on as well as for those who may find change to be a little more challenging.

Our school day moves frequently between developmentally-appropriate academics and play, as students learn new concepts and skills, then try them out in a more playful context. Marcy’s goal is to help students develop a love of learning in a safe, joyful and stimulating classroom setting.

Our day begins with a Whole School Meeting, where students of all ages come together to participate in activities that help build relationships across the age spectrum. The experience of mentoring and being mentored is a cornerstone of the Swan School philosophy.

In our own Explorers’ classroom, we begin the day with simple group routines, then move on to Math, which has a hands-on approach to developing skills and foundational mathematical thinking students will use for the rest of their lives. Math ends with Math Choice, an opportunity for students to play with the Math mainpulatives and explore freely on their own.

Reading and Writing are two exciting skills that emerge during the Kindergarten year. The Explorers’ approach is to learn all we can about letters, sounds, words, sentences and how books work, through games and hands-on activities. We put together all these pieces to begin reading simple texts individually, with partners and as a group. Students also get to take little books home to read with their parents. We gradually build on our skills as the year progresses, and before long, the miracle of reading happens!

Each child has a Journal and we use writing as much as possible in all our projects. Kindergarteners are empowered to make the leap into the world of communication by using what they know about letter sounds and sight words to spell words phonetically. After Reading and Writing, we always have Reading Choice, when students can play with puzzles, word games and manipulatives freely to explore what they know in the context of play. Marcy also reads aloud to the children three times each day, and we always have a great chapter book going!

Because play is such an important part of a young child’s social and learning development, Explorers have 45 minutes of Choosing Time daily, when children can choose to play with building toys, dolls, sensory materials, games, art materials and books. Our day also includes three outdoor recesses, P.E., two snack breaks and lunch. One of the highlights of the Explorers’ day is our Science/Social Studies time. We explore a different topic every week or two, depending on the students’ interest and the projects we’ve initiated. In Science, our focus is on investigating the natural world, and in Social Studies we explore the world of families, friends and culture. Science/Social Studies is full of exciting projects, experiments, field trips and neighborhood walks, role plays and drama, cooking, games and visitors. Parents often get to participate too!

Art and Music are integrated into almost everything we do in the Explorers’ class, and in addition, students will learn basic Art skills and explore a variety of Art media in our weekly Art sessions. The Explorers also have a weekly Music class that includes dance, singing, playing rhythm instruments and the recorder, reading music and exploring the world of Art and Music throughout history. Come see us at our two All School Concerts!

Explorer families receive a weekly email update of Explorer classroom news and events. Communication is an important part of our relationship, so feel free to contact Marcy via email (, in person after school, or by phone if you have questions, want to volunteer in the the classroom, have an idea to share or just want to talk.

Each year is a new adventure. Come Explore with us!

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 Explorers Supply List

Please label markers and scissors with your child’s name. The children should be informed that the Kleenex, pencils, glue sticks, bandaids & blue tape will be community property, so please don’t label them.

  1. 1 pair of scissors
  2. 1 pack of wide-tipped markers (non-scented)
  3. 1 pack of fine-tipped markers
  4. Pencil box for markers & other supplies
  5. 1 Pink Pearl eraser
  6. 2 packages of glue sticks to share
  7. 1 box of Kleenex ­to share
  8. 1 box of bandaids (standard size) to share
  9. 1 roll Scotch brand  3M blue painters tape to share
  10. Comfort Kit Items (see separate list)