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Effective Search Techniques

Sometimes it might seem easier to go to only one Web site when searching for information on a specific topic.  But then you might be missing out on a webpage that has the exact information you are looking for.  However, the amount of information available can be overwhelming, especially for those of us who tend to pick just the first search result.

When you search for student-friendly Web sites you can narrow down your search and keep away from too much information, or from inappropriate material, by using these search tricks. These tips will work on any search engine or directory.

  1. Use plus (+) or minus (-) signs in front of words to force their inclusion or exclusion in searches. For example, you could enter +reading+mystery or you could enter +reading+biography.
  2. Use double quotation marks (” “) around phrases to ensure they are searched exactly as is, with the words side by side in the same order, like this: “the President of the United States“. Don’t put quotation marks around one word.
  3. Use six to eight keywords, and put your most important keywords first in the string. For example: aardvarks food preferred.
  4. Type keywords and phrases in lowercase to find both lower and uppercase versions. Typing capital letters will usually return only an exact match.

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