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Native American Cultures of the Southwest

For this project your team will be learning about ancestral native cultures of the American southwest.  You will be able to use any appropriate resources you are able to gather – books, websites, interviews, or even documentary movies.  Your team members will focus on particular cultural aspects of southwest ancestral Native Americans that may include:

  • art
  • clothing
  • food
  • geographic location
  • homes
  • language
  • religion
  • timeline of the culture
  • work roles

Although there are many distinct groups of Native Americans that have lived in the southwest, please choose from the following for this project:

  • Anasazi/Ancestral Puebloans
  • Modern Puebloans/Hopi and Zuni

Once you have gathered the needed information, your group will make a multi-media presentation that you will share with the rest of the class.  This should include a PowerPoint style presentation that includes important key points (that you will elaborate on verbally), graphics, sounds and/or music that enhances the subject, consistent organization, an introduction, and a conclusion.  Your group may also include scale models or dioramas, a live musical performance, artifacts, and/or replicas.

Remember to stay focused as you gather information and create your presentation, it is easy to find yourself wandering to webpages that aren’t helpful or that focus on other Native American groups than the one you signed up for.

Some online resources that will help you are linked below.

Online examples of student-created Powerpoint presentations. Some of these are better than others.  See which ones you think are best and which are not as good (hint: all of them have some good elements but some are better overall than others).