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Swan School Mission

Swan School builds strong learners in an environment of academic excellence aligned with creativity and personal expression. We develop wise and compassionate leaders as an investment in everyone’s future.


It was an early fall day in 1983 that students walked into their first class at Swan School.  It was held in the Port Townsend Grange building and it was exciting!  Having the opportunity to go to school in a place that was designed with  students in mind, where children came first was something special in Port Townsend, it was magical.  Enjoyment and community and creativity and relationships were forefront, and learning quite literally came naturally.

Over the past 30+ years Swan School has continued to be a magical place.  It has provided a foundation during the all-important early years of childhood for so many students.  It has been the jumping off place for myriad success stories.  As adults, Swan School graduates have gone on to pursue interests that have taken them all over the world.  They have followed their passions from boat building to home building, from playing soccer in Brazil to entertaining others.  Renata Friedman, Seattle Magazine’s Best Actress of 2011, has performed before audiences from Port Townsend to New York.  Guess where she got her start?  Swan School, “where I did my first play ever.”

Alumni, we want to hear your story (and we know there are many stories out there).  Tell us where you are now, what you are doing, some of your life’s high points so far, and of course, how Swan School helped you get there.  We look forward to hearing from you and we know that your fellow classmates will want to catch up with you as well. We would also love for you to take our short 10 question Swan School Alumni Survey. Just follow the link. Thank you!

Education Beyond Swan School

Swan School goes through 6th grade, so if you are anticipating your child becoming a Swan alum, you might be interested in learning about those schools in the area that teach grades above what we offer. If you like what you have experienced or seen here at Swan School and would like to have your child continue along a similar educational pathway, check out the Jefferson Community School. JCS serves students in grades 7 – 12 with a very innovative program that builds nicely on what students have learned here at Swan School. Although not affiliated, Swan School and JCS do maintain an informal relationship with one another.

Other area secondary schools that you also may want to consider include:




  1. 30 years of Swan and still going strong, how wonderful! I was part of that first class in the Grange, what fun we had. What I remember most about Swan was constantly creating: plays, art, stories, music, field trips, and more. Whether we were at circle or outside, learning was always fun! Swan definitely helped me love to learn from my first days in school.

    Nowadays I try to help my 6yo and 2yo daughters discover new and exciting ways to learn. I also work in New York City as an adjunct professor at New York Law School and a supervising pro bono attorney at the Safe Passage Project, where we help immigrant children navigate the complex immigration and family court systems. Life is busy and challenging and great!

    Thanks Swan! Here’s to another 30 years!

    • Russ Yates says:

      Thank you for the update Bethany. It is nice to hear from someone that was a Swan School student when it first began! We are happy to hear of your personal success as well as your service to others. Let’s keep in touch!

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