Passionate Teachers
Focused Learning Environment
Responsive Students
Involved Parents

Swan School Mission

Swan School builds strong learners in an environment of academic excellence aligned with creativity and personal expression. We develop wise and compassionate leaders as an investment in everyone’s future.

What The Research Tells Us

Swan School is a wonderful place to learn in large part because the people who make up our community care so deeply about children.  That care shows in a myriad of ways throughout each season and each day.  It has also led us to read the research about childhood and learning, and to discover and follow the best educational practices for preschool and elementary aged children.

You have only to visit our campus to begin discovering how the details of a great education have been woven into each child’s day.  Our curriculum, the structure of the school program, the timing of recess, staffing, and even classroom furnishings have all been thoughtfully chosen to best support student learning.

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