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Swan School Mission

Swan School builds strong learners in an environment of academic excellence aligned with creativity and personal expression. We develop wise and compassionate leaders as an investment in everyone’s future.

About Swan School

We are located in a quiet residential neighborhood in Port Townsend, Washington, on school-owned grounds that include five classrooms, an ever-growing library, and a large grassy and wooded playground.

You will find this is a very special place for children and their parents. Our community offers a diverse program focusing on the talents and needs of your child. The holistic focus is both our heritage and our strength, which has been evolving since Swan School began in 1983.

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Events & Announcements

Registration on Saturday

We all know that childhood experiences strongly influence adult success – and research backs up this common sense understanding of the importance of early positive experiences as well. Why not invest in your child’s future success by choosing the best elementary education?

Swan School currently has openings in it’s preschool, 2nd grade, 3rd grade and 6th grade classrooms. Registration is 10:00 am this Saturday, 8/19. If you are not familiar with the school, stop by and get a tour – it may just lead to the best investment you ever make!

Enjoy Your Summer

I love it when science supports the things I love. For instance, there are times, especially in the summer when I enjoy just “doing nothing” – sitting in the back yard listening to the birds sing, riding my scooter to no place in particular, throwing a Frisbee back and forth with a friend – all in the category of what my friends and I used to call “goofing off.”
Lea Waters wrote an article published in The Atlantic titled, “How Goofing Off Helps Kids Learn.” The title got my attention and while reading it I happily discovered how well it fits with Swan School’s child-centric focus, its structure of many well-timed recesses and breaks within the school day, and even our balanced calendar which provides many between-term breaks throughout the year. I’ve linked the article in case you would like to take a break from “goofing off” and focus on reading a little research-based science

Every Kid in a Park

Here’s something that every family needs to know about, the “Every Kid in a Park Program.” While it is designed for 4th grade age students, it allows for each family’s 4th grader to bring their parents and siblings along for free entrance to national parks, national monuments, and other federally managed land. You can get your pass by following this link or read more about the program here.
Have Fun!